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What is GoFundMyBook.com?

Self-publishing a book can be very expensive. In an effort to help authors raise the funds to professionally produce their books, we created gofundmybook.com. You can create a campaign for your book then spread the word to your friends & family. Fortune Publishing Group will help promote your project as well through our social media channels and other online marketing campaigns.

While your campaign is raising money, Fortune Publishing Group will be actively creating the elements of your book. Your book coach will be guiding you every step of the way. At the end of the project, you and your backers will receive printed books automatically.

If you have additional Questions send us an email at info@gofundmybook.com

About Fortune Publishing Group


Fortune Publishing Group

Fortune publishing group is the most affordable, full-service self-publishing company around. Fortune publishing group was created by authors, for author’s, so we know the process inside and out. We have access to some of the best editors, cover designers, typesetters and marketing experts in the book industry.

At Fortune Publishing Group we provide everything you need to publish your book quickly, affordably and with the best quality around. We publish all types of genres and we can help you get your book out, no matter what your budget is. If you have ever wanted to be an author, now is the time and Fortune Publishing Group is the company to help you. We have all the services needed to turn your manuscript into a masterpiece.